About Me…

Hi all, my name is Ashley Linford and I love photography, the genre I’m most interested in is Street Photography. I’m currently taking a break from work and in the process of travelling the world instead. I’ve been to countries such as India, Nepal, China, Japan, Thailand, Borneo as well as many others and find myself in Australia at this present moment in time

Photography started for me when I began traveling the world in January 2015, all I had been using was an iPhone up until then to try capture the memories of all these wonderful countries to take away with me. I felt like the phone wasn’t doing the places I was seeing justice so I decided to invest in my first DSLR.

After reading countless magazines, looking at some amazing landscape photographs, most of which were heavily post-processed and then trying to get these same results I quickly got bored. The magazines images really look great but it wasn’t do anything for me, there was no excitement in it for me. I felt that anybody could take these photos.

What I did realise though, that it was the local people and their environment that gets me excited. The difference in the way they go about their everyday lives and just how much more simple things seem to be compared to my old life back in the UK. So that’s what ive started taking photos of, the ‘streets’. This way im capturing the real world, taking photos of unique moments that are unfolding right in front of you everyday. I may not get any photos that are worth keeping over the course of a day, 2 day or even a week but you could also get the chance to witness and capture something so good that it makes any waiting worthwhile. This is what I believe keeps it so interesting and keeps me taking my camera out with me everywhere I go.

Ashley Linford


Flickr – https://www.flickr.com/photos/ashleylinford/

Twitter – @adlstreettog

Instagram – @ashleylinford_photography



  1. Hi ashley.. I love how you started being a street photographer. It seems it’s the same way how I feel about taking photos. It’s just amazing how each people and places has their own stories 😀😀😀

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  2. I really enjoy the chase too… I have a lot of fun taking candid photographs on the street. I really enjoy when photographic subjects are receptive, and smile when I take their photograph. I get a chuckle when they scowl or get mad. It’s a lot of fun and invigorating trying to capture great composition on the fly. It’s something I aspire to in my own photos, and I am learning everyday.

    Best of luck.

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